‚ÄčWhile there is a veritable deluge of marketing blogs, surveys and whitepapers published these days, one I continually find insightful and actionable is the bi-annual Duke CMO Survey. This survey, conducted by Duke's Fuqua School of Business and supported by the American Marketing Associating and Deloitte, is conducted twice yearly. Founded in 2008, it is the longest-running non-commercial marketing survey; the February survey is the 18th they've released.

The nature of the survey enables marketers to understand key trends that are emerging and how marketing is evolving. Unlike the many trends prognostications, these are fact-based trends occurring now and many of the questions have trend data for almost a decade. And the sample is provided by those who are setting the marketing agenda, and making the marketing decisions and investments. For example, the most recent survey included 388 senior marketers, 94.9% VP-level or above. The link to the general site with historic results and commentary is below:

The current report has 11 chapters covering a range of topics: marketplace dynamics, firm growth strategies, marketing spending, financial and marketing performance, social media, mobile, jobs, organizations, leadership, marketing analytics and marketing excellence awards.

While there is a plethora of interesting topics that are covered in this report, we will focus the next several blog entries on the evolving marketing investment priorities and the challenges presented by those new priorities.

You can find the latest report HERE

Highlighs & Insights

Examining Trends over time

‚ÄčTopline Report

Summarizes all survey results at the aggregate level.

Report of results by industry & firm characteristics

Examines survey results cut by industry and firm qualities.