At Big Chalk Analytics, we believe in the power of people and often talk about the multiplicative power of Man and Machines.

In today's world, there still remains too much emphasis on technology and automation and not enough on people and human insights.

We think that Intelligence Augmentation is what is necessary to develop insights to power successful marketing programs in today's new environment. For some interesting examples (e.g., weathermen, chess), check out Nate Silver's book the The Signal and The Noise.

Interesting new research from Kantar Millward Brown confirms we're not alone in this point-of-view.  

A survey of 330 marketers decisively shows the need for human insights and reinforces our belief in the power of people. With advertisers favoring human insights 3-1 over automation.

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This year's Getting Media Right examines how over 330 advertisers, agencies, and media companies #getmediaright. What challenges them? Where are the gaps? What's best-in-class?