We are providing marketers and agency strategists a new option for marketing measurement and planning. Our streamlined data collection and model prep processes, combined with our integrated Web-based planning tool, shortens the time from project kickoff to execution of marketing strategy. Our ability to integrate clients' post-project sales data with model projections helps marketers course-correct bad campaigns or double down on good ones in record time.

Our flexible resourcing and low overhead cuts the cost of marketing measurement projects by as much as 40% while our innovative media & messaging white space identification models de-risk new campaigns.

Marketing Measurement

- Mix, MTA and ANCOVA modeling
- Streamlined data collection and transformation processes
- Faster study results

Message & Media Identification

- Category-specific and audience-specific message testing
- Success forecasts in context with known media ROIs and attribution levels

Planning and Simulation Tools

- "Always-on" Web-based scenario-planning
- Top-down budget planning or bottom-up campaign-planning capabilities
- Flexible subscription options