Staffing augmentation through our curated talent network and dedicated Big Chalk Customer Success Team. Analytics and insights sourcing is enabled by our proprietary Analytics Talent Profiler, matching algorithms, and wealth of experience across agency, brand and sales. In the words of Peter Drucker, “intellectual capital on demand.” In-depth profiles and comprehensive vetting enable the ideal fit between your specific business needs and the right talent.

  • Big Chalk Sourced
  • Access to network
  • Short-cycle / surge support / contract roles
  • Big Chalk Analytics partnership on profiling and sourcing best fit candidates through network
  • Big Chalk Managed
  • “On Demand” analytics
  • Longer-term / data agnostic / retained support
  • Access to trained, curated and supervised talent as a direct extension of your team
  • Right resources tailored to specific business challenges
  • Data Agnostic - focused on integration and triangulation
  • Access to world class talent
  • Access to emerging areas of analytic specialization
  • Flexibility in types of talent, costs, timing and geography
  • Minimize internal headcount / costs
  • Value creation
  • Test drive talent before hiring


ANALYTICS, INSIGHTS & TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS. Full service capabilities to address core marketing and sales business issues. From concept development to marketing effectiveness evaluation; from brand health measurement to database integration; from everyday consumer insights to the most complex digital media evaluation - we have expertise available NOW.

  • Syndicated data analysis (Nielsen / IRI / NPD)
  • Consumer Panel reporting, tracking & analytics (Nielsen / IRI / Infoscout)
  • Dashboard & Scorecard Development
  • Data management / coding
  • Data visualization
  • Content Strategy, Development & Deployment
  • Data-Agnostic integrated insight services
  • Revenue Generation strategy and activation
  • New product launches
  • Penetration analytics
  • Attrition retention analytics
  • Year-on-year change analysis
  • Media Planning analytics
  • Social 
  • Mobile
  • Programmatic ad buying and delivery strategy
  • Facebook / Google Analytics
  • CRM / eCommerce response analytics
  • Digital Advertising
  • Multi-touch attribution
  • Consulting & resource selection
  • Product / Concept Testing
  • Copy Testing
  • Brand Health / Equity 
  • Segmentation / Profiling
  • Pricing & Promotion Analytics
  • Multi-Channel ROI
  • Forecasting / Global Market Evaluation
  • Category Management 
  • Shelf Management / Space Optimization
  • Customer Profiles / Channel / Shopper
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Geo-demographic analytics / micro-targeting
  • Trade Promotion & Evaluation
  • Digital transformation - strategy, activation, scaling
  • Cloud, software & ERP transformation
  • Technology convergence management
  • Business process improvement / Change management
  • IT Strategy & Enterprise Architecture
  • Analytics platform deployment and optimization


Assistance for companies seeking to improve their revenue or cost positions through analytics and insights. Partnership with internal teams (e.g., C-suite, brand directors, sales directors, IT, MRA) from strategy to execution to evaluation.

  • Clients embarking on digital transformation initiatives, seeking revenue and cost transformation for core business functions. Domain expertise across media, analytics, commercialization, artificial intelligence and change management.
  • Clients who are seeking to improve or evaluate the effectiveness of their insights or analytics (e.g., syndicated data, secondary data, ROI/Marketing Mix, pricing and promotion analytics, copy testing, brand equity or health, segmentation, social data analytics, CRM analytics, etc.)

  • Digital transformation strategy and implementation
  • Content marketing, digital advertising, social media strategy and activation plans
  • Evaluation of various analytics / marketing research methods: trends, emerging and key vendors
  • Internal/Client interviews to facilitate the development of client-specific briefs and specifications
  • Quantitative & Qualitative consumer research
  • Change Management / Workshops with internal/external stakeholders
  • Management / assistance with contract negotiations
  • Deployment consulting to facilitate successful organizational implementation
  • Access to industry leaders with a broad portfolio of client and service capability
  • Access to updated knowledge of industry trends, innovations and vendors
  • Extend your team with leading industry experts
  • Gain 3rd party perspective on current strategies and plans
  • Retainer-based options for ongoing engagements